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Who teaches with us?

A few members of our community who are building their community
@serenagwolf · 50.5K followers
If you have a passion that you're looking to monetize, I can't recommend airsubs highly enough.
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@alexandracooks · 91K followers
I've loved connecting with my community from all over the world through virtual cooking classes.
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@forzag・18.5k followers
This is one of the best business decisions I've ever made. I couldn't be happier using airsubs to manage my classes.
@bluejeanchef・42.2k followers
airsubs looks after all the aspects of virtual teaching you don’t have time for, leaving only the fun stuff for you.
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@kaxman・9.9k followers
airsubs made my life a lot easier. It’s everything I need for my classes and a HUGE weight off my shoulders.
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@turshen · 80.4K followers
airsubs makes it so easy for me to do what I love: connect with my fellow home cooks.
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Everything you need to grow your virtual business

Go from Instagram likes to sold-out classes.
A beautiful page with your branding
A schedule with all your classes
Tools to grow your community
Zoom for streaming
Your own email list

How much can you earn?

$1,800 /wk


Simple pricing: No cost upfront. We only make money when you make money.

Do what you love.
Get paid.

Charge per class, sell packages, or offer a subscription. You control the best way to engage your community.

Set up your page in less than 2 minutes.
It's that easy.

If you can set up Instagram, you can set up your airsubs page. You’re just a few clicks away from hosting your first class.

How it works

Set up your page 
and add your classes
Share and encourage your community to sign up
Host your class and share what inspires you
Cash out to your bank account

Integrates seamlessly with the tools you already use

Plug airsubs into your current workflow and supercharge your business.

Make money while you sleep

On-demand classes let you create once and sell twice. Whether it’s taped from your mobile device or a recorded live class, upload your video to airsubs and sell it as a rental or as part of a subscription.